Poem: Hymn to Tyr

Hymn to Tyr


Thanks to the thoughtful thewlord of old

Most ancient of elders and all-around wise

Keeper of customs and Captain of thew

Hallowed heritage-host of gods.


Lover of law that lies in the deep

Power of peers in the popular Thing.

Thinggod, Thewgod, thoroughly brave,

You tried to tame the terrible wolf


You taught & trained him in traditions ancient

The ways of walking the wise ancestors

But Fenris was flippant to follow example

& burden of binding the beast fell on you.


Let this day be done as did my father

As did his dad as did his father

As made his mother as mama had done

Back and back before remembrance.


What I cherished as child, still chosen today.

Thus are the thews that Thiu would ward.

This common law kept the core of the folk

Alive and lustrous in allodial grandeur.


Yet modern madness is a mockery full:

Our courts caricatures of courts of old.

Our customs in common carried away.

What I bet as a boy is broken today.


Fenris now frolics and follows us all

For we´ve forgotten your fierce ancient path.

Bring us back, O bold one-armed god;

Restore the strength that still you keep.


(Siegfried Goodfellow)


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