Poem: Hoenir and Loður

Hoenir and Loður

Odin’s brother,
holy Prophet, Shining Ás,
I raise this horn to You.
Hostage to the Vanir, Ancient Creator,
Frith-weaver, I honor Your quiet courage.
Bestower of spirit and conscious awareness,
God of mindful contemplation,
I praise You for these mighty gifts.
I have found You unassuming in Your wisdom.
I have learned to cherish simplicity from Your graceful example.
I hail You Hoenir, with this horn and in my heart.
I hail You with reverence.

Hail, Loður, God of passion and warmth.
Because of Your gift, we are able to experience the world.
Because of Your gift, we are able to know pleasure through our five senses.
You are the beating of our hearts, the rhythm of our blood.
You have given life to our bodies as breath;
sense and will were given by Your brothers.
I hail You, Divine enigma, known to us only as Odin’s friend.
God of beauty, You inspire growth.
From You we are given our evolutionary drive.
I hail You, for Your gifts at the time the world was born.
Hail, Loður.

(Galina Krasskova)


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