Invocation to Njördhr

Invocation to Njördhr


Njördhr, Sea-ruler, Pledge to the Aesir,

Ruler of Noatun, Harbor of ships;

God of the Vanir, rich in life and wisdom;

Husband to bold Skadhi, shining bride of the Gods;

Father of Freyr, the God no man hates;

Father of Freyja, the bright jewel of Asgard;

God of the shining, sea-bright feet.


Rich in temples and shrines you rule,

Oath-Keeper and Blood-Priest;

Hidden riches are at your hand,

God of Wealth-Bestowal.

God of Ships, Voyage-Blesser,

Master of the Winds and Sea;

Blesser of the Ocean-Harvest,

The gift of the Double-Kingdom.


Come in the Dawn, the birth of Summer;

Bless us with your smiling glance;

Remind us of wisdom that lurks in the sunshine –

Heart-true laughter, unconquered life,

Love that preserves and joy that surpasses.

Let the ice-shackles fall from our hearts

That we may dance along the sea-beach.


Vanasson! (Son of the Wane!)

Areyáss! (Island-God!)

Noatunáss! (God of Harbors!)

Blótgodhi! (Sacrificial Priest!)

Njördhr, come!


”I am Njördhr, the Sea-ruler,

Wealth-Giver and Wind-Tamer,

Wedded to Winter and Father of Spring.


The wind and sea ride under my harness;

The wealth of Midgard is mine to bestow;

The rites of Asgard are under my guidance.


To me come the children of joy and power,

Laughing and dancing, secure in peace;

I warm the blood of life.”


Alice Karlsdóttir


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