An article from War2War: Russisches Schutzkorps

An article from War2War: Russisches Schutzkorps

Many Russians fled when the Communists took over and Russia became the Soviet Union. A large number of emigrants came to Yugoslavia and lived in the Serbian part of the country. The Axis powers invaded Yugoslavia in 1941. In Serbia, a guerrilla war began. Those who were most successful in this war against the Germans were the Communists. Many of the Russians despised the Communist and want to fight Tito and his partisans. An anti-partisan forces rise by the exile Russians was created. Many Russian also want to fight on the Eastern front to liberate Russia from Stalin and the Bolsheviks. The unit was formed on 12 September 1941 in Belgrade. The leader for the unit was Mikhail .F. Skorodumov, however, after a conflict with the Germans he was replaced three days later and Boris A. Shteyfon take over.

The cops had five regiments, one cavalry and four infantry. From beginning the Russians was used as guard and protecting force but soon they start to fight against partisans. The Russians have good relations with the Milan Nedić pro-axis government but the relation with the Germans was not always good. Most soldiers came from Russia ore born in Serbia by Russians parents but small groups of exile Russians from Bulgaria and Hungary joined the force. Soldier from the red army who was captured by the Germans and who wish to fight against Stalin joined the Russisches Schutzkorps.

Most of the war was the Russian force in Serbia, but in the end of the war you traveled north. The commander Shteyfon die 30 may 1945 and the last day of the Russians was leaded by Anatoly I. Rogozhin. The third and last commander surrenders to the west allies in the Austrian city Klagenfurt 12 may 1945, four days after the war in Europe was over. During the war 17,090 men served in Russisches Schutzkorps. The Casualties in dead, wounded and missing was 6,709 men.


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