Two articles from War2War: Malkoč & Bushati

Two articles from War2War: Malkoč & Bushati

Halim Malkoč

Halim Malkoč was born 1917, was an officer of the Yugoslav army. Halim Malkoč Joined the Waffen-SS Handschar Division in 1943 as a battalion Iman. When the mystery of the French Villefranche-de-Rougergue broke out and five German commanders were assassinated, Malkoč persuading the rebellious to lay down the weapons. For this effort, he was awarded the second class of the Cross and later became Imam for the division. Detained after the war and sentenced to imprisonment. The sentence was, however, converted into death penalty and this was executed by hanging on February 8, 1947.

Maliq bej Bushati

Maliq bej Bushati was born 1880 in Shkodër a city in the Albanian part of the Ottoman Empire. Maliq bej Bushati was 1919-1920 editor of the newspaper Populli. 1921-1923, 1925, and afterword Bushati was a Member of Parliament. Following the Italian invasion of Albania, Bushati supported the occupation and became the country’s home minister. Despite his alleged co-operation with Balli Kombëtar, he was appointed to the prime minister of Albania by the Italian occupation power. An army and police force was created during his time in power to shed some degree of self-government within the country. Bushati was in office 13 February 1943 – 12 May 1943. Bushati was replaced on his post after three months by Eqrem Bej Libohova and then became the head of the National Fascist Party in Albania, Partia Fashiste e Shqipërisë, or PFSh.

After the war Maliq bej Bushati was executed by the communist. He was shot to death 15 February 1946.

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