Poem: Frigg


Mother of Gods, known under many names.
Wife of Odin and goddess of the sky.
She knows the future, but she won’t lie.
Discretion is a virtue she proclaims.

Marriage and motherhood are in her hands.
Household and management are under her command.
She is a mother and a wife,
but if necessary she will be at strife.

She guards her home
while her husband is out.
She is the mistress alone
and there is no doubt.

She pulls the strings
and knows about all the things going on.
Her sphere of influence
she has foregone.

The key is hers
and nothing deters her
from a challenge with her man.
To get advantage is her plan.

But mind her rage!
When Odin bit on the side
she got in a terrible stage and she influenced fate.
She banned him no matter how he lied.

The highest goddess, she the woman
with her it all began.
The queen of the sky
which no man will ever deny.

Frigg is her name
a falcon is her robe.
All together it explains her fame
all over the globe.



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