An article from War2War: Swedish Volunteer Company in Finland 1941-1944

An article from War2War: Swedish Volunteer Company in Finland 1941-1944

Swedish Volunteer Company or the Svir Company was a Swedish volunteer force in 1942-1944, in the Finnish army who initially fought at the front at Svir, and later participated in the battle at Tali-Ihantala on the Karelian nest in 1944. The Swedish volunteer company had high reputation. The Swedish volunteer force was dissolved in autumn 1944.

The Swedish volunteer company mainly consisted of men who had chosen to stay in Finland for continued war service, after the Swedish Volunteer Battalion had dissolved in the Hanko Front. However, part of the company’s crew was completely newcomer volunteers from Sweden. The company was subject to the Swedish-speaking Finnish (infantry regime IR 13. During its existence, a total of 404 people served in the company, but not simultaneously. In the company’s service, 41 men and 84 were wounded. On average, they served for 9 months, but nine were serving there throughout the war.

Some of the volunteers had fascist views, others was volunteers because they felt sympathy with a brother country and some hade relatives in Finland.

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