The darkest midnight in December

The darkest midnight in December

The darkest midnight in December,
no snow nor hail nor winter´s storm
shall hinder us to kindle from embers
the flame that on this night is born.
With our kin we have come to see
this solstice fire´s glorious shine,
as the year is turning, the Yule log burning,
our Gods provide for humankind.

No need nor cold now can oppress us,
we´re sheltered safe from the frosty weather,
for Aesir and Vanir both have blessed us
so we may feast in joy together.
Then let us toast and bring our boast,
and share our gifts with kith and kine;
surrounded by love below and above,
our Gods who care for humankind.

The wheel has turned, the time is near
to say goodbye to the old things gone,
Our Troth remains, and through every year
is shining like the solstice sun.
And so we sing and gladness bring
to hearts fulfilled with joy divine;
Let´s sing wassail and give our hail
to our Gods who love us humankind!

Michaela Macha


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