Astrid Lindgren Nangijala and Walhalla

Astrid Lindgren Nangijala and Walhalla

Astrid Lindgren´s attitude was to make friends with death. If death is not cruel and evil it is not scary. And if not dead is scary it is easy to live. Astrid Lindgren knew what she talked about. She lost members of her family early. Her son was only 18 when he died.

Astrid´s most famous “death-book” is the book about “The Brothers Lionheart”. One day Astrid was walking over a cemetery. She read the names on a stone. On one of the gravestones were the names of two brothers who died young. The brother’s name was Lejon, Swedish for lion and she started to think. And Astrid short after wrote about the Lionhearts.

The name Lionheart is after King Richard Lionheart famous king and crusader.

The book is happy and sad.

Happy: The brothers survive death, and live in a paradise.

Sad: Even In the paradise it is evil. Tengil and his dragon make life bad.

But the good humans win in the end. And they live again in Nangilima.

I think Astird Lindgren get inspiration from norse mythology.

For example, good and brave coming to Walhalla (Nangngijala)

They preparing for the last conflict against good and evil. Humans versus Tengils soldier. The good win but many dies. But in the end all good heroes are reunited in Gimle, the last paradise. (Nangilima is the final paradise in Astrid´s world.

Perhaps Astrid Lindgren was  a pagan?




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